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The meat of the Wolowina cattle, also called Wolow, is very juicy, beautifully marbled and very similar in taste to Wagyu. Everything is just right here, especially the price/performance ratio.


Wolowina Rib Steak
Rib steak also known as Côte de Boeuf, is the best barbecue piece! Due to the maturation on the bone it gets a unique taste. It has just enough fat to keep the meat juicy when grilling.

or our specialities:

Wagyu USA / Japan / Chile
Wagyu beef is a breed of cattle of Japanese origin. It is the most expensive and exclusive domestic cattle in the world. Unlike other cattle, the fat in the meat of Wagyu cattle is not selective,
but evenly distributed in very fine marbling in the muscle flesh. Wagyu meat is not only a delicacy, it is also an exceptional experience.


Kobe Beef
The meat of the cattle has a particularly crumbly structure and an excellent marbling with fine fatty tassels. This beef is the most marbled meat of all cattle breeds. In addition, the meat has the lowest proportion of saturated fatty acids.


LUMA Beef Secret Cut
Our LUMA Beef Secret Cut is matured for 14 days with noble mould. A sensationally delicate cut with a coarse muscle structure. With this piece you can enjoy a perfect LUMA taste experience.

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